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Our Story

Australia's Newest way to cook, conveniently

Are your weekends spent aimlessly wandering the aisles of a supermarket, only to end up with the same meals each week? Wander no more. Welcome to Thomas Farms Kitchen (TFK), Australia’s newest way to cook.

At TFK, we take the hassle out of putting homemade dishes on the table, to reconnect you with the joys of cooking.

Whipping up tasty, nutritious and locally sourced meals is easy with our new, chef-created meal box service. You select from a menu of 11 recipes each week, inspired by Australia’s finest produce – we then pack and deliver the pre-portioned ingredients to your door. Simply follow the recipe and enjoy!

How did it all begin? Two friends, Bruce Lennon and Simon Dennis, had an idea…to give Australian’s access to our country’s very finest produce, without the hassle of having to source it. But it was more than just eating good food. They wanted to transform the way people thought about cooking – trading the dreaded “what’s for dinner tonight?” for a fun and educational “what can we create?” experience. Bruce and Simon shared their vision with their good friend – the CEO of Thomas Foods International (TFI), Darren Thomas – and so Thomas Farms Kitchen was born.

Thomas Foods International, is Australia’s largest family-owned and operated food-processing company, exporting to over 80 countries. But TFI's roots and heart remain very much here in Australia. Thomas Farms is TFI's consumer and retail brand – and together, we celebrate Australian farmers and their produce – sourcing the freshest seasonal ingredients directly from the producers.

Which is good for you and good for Australia!

Why TFK? With TFK, you're in control of what you eat.

You choose your meals: Simply choose the meals you prefer from our comprehensive, weekly changing menu

Individuals and families: TFK has been designed to not only suit families but also singles and couples… with the ability to order for just one person (and only 3 meals required as a minimum purchase)

Locally sourced: Our recipes all feature locally sourced ingredients, reducing food miles and supporting Aussie farmers.

No contracts: While subscription is available, it’s not mandatory, so if you just want to give TFK a try for a week, you can.

And we make it as easy as possible for you.

No waiting around: You don’t have to be at home because our foam eskies and ice packs keep your meals fresh and crisp for up to 8 hours.

As little as $11/month: Become a TFK member for as little as $11 per month and save 10% off the purchase price of each meal. Plus no delivery fees!

Set your preferences: Set up profiles and preferences for everyone in your home including likes, dislikes, dietary requirements, etc. and we’ll recommend meal options based on this.

Throw out that shopping list and don’t waste time trawling through supermarket aisles – let our in-house chefs do all the work for you. All that’s left is the fun part – cooking and eating!